About Us

The Uk Horse Directory was started as a place for the collection of other great horse sites, but now it has started to focus more on the stories of people and their horses.  We still list great horse sites like The Horse Dispatch but we are so much more than a list now.  We are a home for the entire horse narrative. 

Horses have the power to save the world

The Founder

Horse Directory main hero


Allie is a barrel horse, and she’s pretty fast.  She has been tearing up the circuit in Canada and making a real name for herself. 

There are so many great stories about great horses.  Allie is no different.  She has a lot of really great stories and has been a part of some really great stories.  She has moved around and found a home with Amara in Canada and now is ripping up the Barrel Racing circuit. 

She is a great little horse.  Has a great demeanour and loves people.  She definitely knows when it is time to compete.  She gets a little hot, but that’s because she loves to run.  

She is also, like many other horses, not a fan of riding by herself in the tailer so we have a travelling companion for her.  


To Tell great horse stories, and to point people in the right direction when it comes to getting information about horses and horse life.  


To include not only links to great horse sites and resources but to collect and tell the stories of the horse and rider.