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Welcome to the Horse Directory, where we tell stories.  We tell stories about horses, their incredible beauty and their amazing hearts.  

It is said that a Horse can fill a place in our heart that we are not capable of filling.

- William Lawrence

If you have lived with or experienced a horse then you know the above statement to be true.  It is something that you can’t explain but it is something that you definitely feel.  The life, the energy and the substance.  

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The Horse Directory is designed to share stories about horses, their owners and the shared experience. 

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There are so many things that go into the life of a horse and the nature of taking care of a horse.  They say purchasing the horse is the cheapest part.  They might be right, but we are here to help.  We talk about everything that goes into a horses journey.





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Quite Simply we are looking to make the horse journey a little safer, a little easier and a little less stressful.  Especially for new horse people.  

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Things We Like

Part of the purpose for the directory is to share amazing horse resources with all of our readers. Here are two really great examples.

The horse dispatch is a great magazine style resource dedicated to getting you the right horse information.  Two great examples are the calmest horse breeds for beginners, which will really help you make a great decision and an article about ulcers in horses. 

First Place Feeds is a great local nutrition expert and they make their own feed supplements and nutritional additives   Two great examples are soybean meal for horses and a horse weight scale.   It’s a great website by an expert in the field.