What is a drum machine

A drum machine is  a device that creates and plays drum patterns. It is usually programmed to play a specific rhythm or beat, and can be used to create a backing track for a song or performance. Drum machines are found in a variety of settings, from nightclubs and live concerts to studios and home […]

Netflix is ​​still growing, but not as fast anymore

In 2021, the entire Dutch population will become a Netflix subscriber. um… excuse me? Well, that’s how you could describe the growth in the number of paying Netflix customers worldwide. The streaming service was able to welcome 18 million new subscribers. Yet, compared to previous years, this is relatively modest growth. 2020 was a record […]

​Tips to clean up your phone quickly and effectively

For many people, a new year means a new year playlist on Spotify, making a photo book from the previous year and all in all cleaning up the smartphone. A fresh year, a fresh start for your phone, so that it feels brand new again. This is how to quickly and effectively clean up your […]

​10x energy without drinking coffee

Coffee is an ideal way to boost your energy level. Are you very dependent on your cup of comfort or do you want to cut back on caffeine? Here are ten ways to get more energy without coffee: 1. Make sure you are logged out well before bedtime Turning off all screens well before bedtime […]