Coffee is an ideal way to boost your energy level. Are you very dependent on your cup of comfort or do you want to cut back on caffeine? Here are ten ways to get more energy without coffee:

1. Make sure you are logged out well before bedtime
Turning off all screens well before bedtime can improve the quality and duration of your sleep. Your body can then produce more sleep-promoting hormones.

If you go offline earlier in the evening, your deep sleep will not only last longer. You will also fall into a deep, refreshing sleep sooner. As a result, you will feel fit and rested the next day and you no longer need coffee to wake up.

2. Stretch out
You stretch for a reason when you get up. This helps to wake up and feel strong and energetic. Leaning back and stretching your legs forward also gives you power and makes you burst with energy. Give it a try!

3. Light when getting up
If you have trouble getting out of bed and need coffee to feel awake and energized, using light to wake up can help. You can do this by leaving the curtains open or purchasing a daylight alarm clock.

With a daylight alarm clock or the natural morning light from outside, your bedroom will gradually become lighter and that helps to wake up well. In this way you set your biological clock, as it were, and that gives energy.

4. Eat a protein-rich breakfast
If you eat a protein-rich breakfast, you will not only feel full for a long time. Your sugar level also remains better in balance, which prevents an energy dip. This allows you to work energetically and concentrated for a long time.

5. Have a glass of water
Did you know that losing just 1.5 percent of your normal water volume can make you feel tired? So make sure you are always well hydrated and have a glass of water if you notice that your energy level is dropping.

6. Get some fresh air
Do you feel sleepy at the end of the afternoon? Then go get some fresh air instead of a cup of coffee. Fresh air gives you new energy, so you can concentrate better on your work.

7. Have fun
Life is serious enough already. Having fun makes you laugh and that gives you energy. When you laugh, you stretch your muscles and your heart rate goes up. In this way, laughing has the same energizing effect as light sports training.

8. Replace fast carbohydrates with the healthy version
Fast carbohydrates give a short energy boost, but then cause an energy dip. Healthy carbohydrates provide a slow and steady flow of energy so that you feel energized all the time.

Try to avoid fast carbohydrates like sweets, cookies and bread as much as possible and instead eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Think of soup, salads and snack vegetables.

9. Give yourself an invigorating head massage
When you doze off at your computer, give yourself a head massage. To do this, use the fingers of both hands to gently tap the top of your head for a minute. Then you feel your scalp tingle and the energy flow through your body.

10. Make smart use of scent
Did you know that there are scents that refresh you and give you new energy? Think peppermint, rosemary and cinnamon. Have these scents close at hand if you notice that your energy level is dropping.

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